This project aims to develop a model for entrepreneurial-oriented STE2AM education with standards set and applicable for teachers. This model to be developed will serve as a guide for entrepreneurship-oriented STEM education in teacher training. Thus, a guide to the standards for creating practical STEAM activities to support the entrepreneurial skills of teachers and students, which has been identified as a gap in the literature, will be created.


Translational project meetings [teacher training and STE2AM implementations in classrooms], meeting for defining standards of STE2AM, and green Europe international conference will be carried out as activities to reach the goals of the project.


In the light of the data obtained from this project, a standard structure for STE2AM will be established. This standard structure will form a basis for research on how STEM studies to be carried out should be. In addition, it will allow the evaluation of the suitability of STEM training that has been carried out so far.